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john smith


  • Professional Toastmaster
  • Event Management with Distinction
  • Founder member The Federation of Professional Toastmasters
  • Scottish Toastmasters

The Toastmaster Tradition

The art of Toastmastering can be traced as far back as Hebrew times, and to the practices of the Greeks and Roman of offering toasts to their many gods and heroes.

During the reign of King Charles 11, it was customary to drop pieces of spiced toast into wine to wine to improve its flavour, and by the 17th century the"Toasting" of friends and important guests at banquets had become very popular.

The origins of Toastmastering as we know it today, are to be found in the 19th century, when private clubs began to appoint a member to act as a Master of Ceremonies.

Today, professional Toastmasters like John Smith are skilled in the many and varied disciplines of event management. A good Toastmaster must be many things. For example, he must be an expert:

  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Management Specialist
  • Event Co-ordinator
  • Compere
  • Presenter
  • Announcer
  • Group Organiser
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